What do I get?

Your discrete package will be shipped in a white padded envelope. The label will be addressed from "C-N-H". Most shipments will be sent via USPS first class or priority with signature confirmation. If you have any special instructions please add them at checkout.

    Each Click-N-Hit Order Will Include:
  • A Click-N-Hit (Multiple or single, depending on amount ordered)
  • A few Click-N-Hit stickers
  • A Click-N-Hit fact sheet containing instructions and ordering info.
  • How do I assemble / disassemble my Click-N-Hit device?


  • Screw the air flow compartment to the base of the Click-N-Hit with the inner screen towards the top
  • Screw in the top compartment
  • Attach the mouth piece by wiggling the rubber back into its place and your Click-N-Hit is Assembled
  • View The Click-N-Hit Assembling Video Tutorial
  • Disassembling

  • Remove the mouth piece by wiggling the rubber out of the space until it comes free
  • Unscrew the top compartment
  • Unscrew the air flow compartment and you have successfully disassembled your Click-N-Hit
  • View The Click-N-Hit Disassembling Video Tutorial
  • How do I properly pack my Click-N-Hit?


  • To Fill, open the top compartment with the mouth piece attached
  • Insert the substance on top of the screen in the open compartment of the Click-N-Hit
  • Reattach the top compartment, make sure it is security tightened before use
  • Activate the Click-N-Hit by holding down its side button, inhale through the mouth piece and enjoy
  • View The Click-N-Hit Packing Video Tutorial
  • How do I properly hold my Click-N-Hit?

    How To Hold

    A handy how-to guide on the proper way to hold your new Click-N-Hit. Be sure to keep your hand and finger away from the flame while the device is in use.

  • When holding the Click-N-Hit. Be sure to hold it at its base away from the air flow chamber.
  • Holding it at its base gives you enough space to activate the lighter a safe distance away from the flame.
  • Be sure never to hold the Clic-N-Hit near the air-flow chamber while in use.
  • View The Click-N-Hit Holding Video Tutorial
  • Will my Click-N-Hit be shipped with butane?

    Each Click-N-Hit is shipped with NO BUTANE to avoid flammable combustion while in transit.

    Airmailing lighter could cause air pressure to build up inside the empty fuel tank (due to high altitude). Please release air pressure inside by using a flathead screw driver or similar tool to press the refill nozzle ring a couple times. This will allow butane to refill much easier. After refilling, please wait at least 2 minutes before using the lighter so that all escaped butane gas has dispersed the immediate surrounding.

    How do I adjust the butane levels on my Click-N-Hit?

    Adjusting Levels

    A handy how-to guide on how to adjust the butane levels on your new Click-N-Hit. Click-N-Hit, is a portable "vaporizer" smoking pipe device with a compact 4 stage design, complete with a built in wind proof butane-refillable torch lighter. Please refill your lighter with Premium Refined Butane Only - generic or cheap butane will damage the device.

  • If you look on the bottom of the Click-N-Hit you will see a (+) and a (-)
  • You will see a gold hole with a valve which controls the butane level.
  • Using a screwdriver you can increase (+) or decrease (-) the amount of butane used during each click.
  • Pushing in against the valve will release the pressure and allow the butane to escape.
  • Be sure to refill with butane after releasing the pressure to use your Click-N-Hit again.
  • View The Butane Levels Click-N-Hit Video Tutorial
  • How do I add butane to my Click-N-Hit?

    Adding Butane

    Please refill your lighter with Premium Refined Butane Only – generic or cheap butane will damage the device.
    When refilling the lighter – DO NOT shake the lighter or the butane. Add the butane in short bursts – NOT one long blast.
    If you find your Click-n-Hit device is hard to pull due to prolong use it may be due to a build up of resin.

  • To add butane turn the Click-N-Hit upside-down and locate its refill hole
  • Get your butane can and press it into the hole 3 - 5 times. The butane can should be upside down.
  • Wait until the lighter is full; you will hear the hissing noise stop when it is full.
  • Place the Click-N-Hit down and wait 10 - 30 seconds for the butane to settle
  • Test your Click-N-Hit, it should easily light now that it is full.
  • View The Adding Butane Click-N-Hit Video Tutorial
  • How do I clean my device?


    After prolonged used, the device may be harder to smoke though. To remove a build up of resin from your Click-N-Hit device try:

    • Remove the top compartment & mouthpiece from the Click-N-Hit. You will see a small round hole.
    • Using an Allen wrench or something similar. Push into the hole until the filter and metal stopper come out.
    • Prolonged use of the Click-N-Hit will cause the filter to become blocked with resin over time.
    • To clean fill a container with rubbing alcohol
    • Add some sea salt to the rubbing alcohol
    • >Stir the mixture while adding the filter and metal stopper.
    • Let it sit for about 5 - 10 minutes. More time may be needed if there is a large amount of resin buildup.
    • While waiting, use a cotton swab to clean the inside of the top compartment.
    • After waiting, remove the filter and metal stopper from the alcohol and sea salt mixture.
    • Dry off any liquid with a paper towel and let them both sit to dry for a few minutes
    • Insert both the filter and the metal stopper back into the top compartment of the Click-N-Hit.
    • Reinsert the mouthpiece back into the top compartment of the Click-N-Hit.
    • Use an Allen wrench or something similar to push the metal stopper back into its original position.
    • Reattach the top compartment onto the Click-N-Hit.
    • Click it to make sure alcohol is not present when using the Click-N-Hit
    • View The Click-N-Hit Cleaning Video Tutorial

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